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W estrena su primer resort en España con 200 villas de lujo


El grupo inversor Platinum y la cadena hotelera Starwood, dueña de la enseña W, han contratado al estudio de arquitectura Rockwell Group para crear un complejo hotelero de lujo en la localidad malagueña de Marbella, que contará con unas 250 habitaciones y 200 residencias.

Cuatro años después de su aterrizaje en el mercado inmobiliario español, el grupo inversor Platinum, liderado por el matrimonio Roshni y Harry Mohinani, ha desvelado los detalles de la “joya de su portfolio”: el complejo hotelero W Marbella, que será el primer resort de esta exclusiva cadena en España.

Marbella’s biggest luxury hotel

Platinum Estates is to
spend 300 milllon euros
on a 600-bed complex
near the Real de
Zaragoza dunes


MARSELLA. The HongKong-based
investment fund, Platinum Estates
has announced p!ans to build a fívestar
luxury hotel near the Real Zaragoza
dunes, one ofthe Costa del
Sofs coastal areas with the highest
ecológica! value.
The new hotel, due to open in
summer 2019, will have 600 rooms
and will involve an investment of
300 million euros. It is expected to
be open al! year round and create a
thousand stable.jobs.
The group’s GEO, Indianmagnate
HarryMohioani, aonounced the project
on Saturdayalongside the group’s
representative in Spain Juan Luis Segalerva
and the mayor ofMarbella
José Berna!. They explained that a
confídentiality agreementprevented
them from givingthe name ofthe
hotel chain that will be managing
the hotel, as the fü:m has reserved
the rightto make its own aonouncement
atan jilternational tourism

fair, most probablythe World Travel
Market in London this November.
Platinum Estates owns anumber
ofhotels around the world which
are run by groups such as Hilton,
Gran Plaza or Hyatt.
Thenew hotel will be locatednext
to the beach in the Real Zaragoza
dunes area, affecting around 151,000
square metres ofland of which 35
percentwill be built on. The group
acquired the land for SO million euros
lastyear and has reached an agreementwith
the town hall to develop
the project which wiÍ! include infrastructure
work in the area.
The buildings will be no more
than four storeys high and the rest
of thearea will include gardens, services
and roads.
The use of this are a for a hotel
coniplies with the town’s urban development
plan (PGOU) of1986,
currentlyin force in Mar bella.
Work is expected to start next
summer and completed within two
years, with the hotel openingin 2019
The project includes the conservation
ofthe dunes, col!aborating
with the Pro-D¡mas organisation
which won theAndalusianEnvironment
Prize in 2012 and p!ayed a key
role in Marbel!a’s dunes being declared
an ecological reserve.



( Download the attachment Villa Padierna )

The Villa Padierna, Real de los Monteros , will be the Best Luxury 5 Star Gran Marbella: It will have 90 rooms and 160 residences. Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons or Jumeirah is one of the major international hotel chains to manage the hotel.

The Boutique Hotel Villa Padierna , Real de los Monteros, respect the privacy and the promotion of a peaceful and friendly atmosphere, there are two main factors that should characterize a true boutique hotel. A romantic and special artistic touch to help make your stay an unforgettable experience for all guests. Mandarin Oriental, Four Seasons or Jumeirah is one of the major international hotel chains to manage the hotel.
Business Center

The business center

will be the place to do business in the complex and will feature offices and meeting rooms for guests to work and shops. It will be a landmark building in the city of Marbella.

The offices are arranged around a courtyard connected to the large green area , and will be located in an idyllic setting surrounded by nature.

The Exhibition and Congress Hall will be the driver of the town , with a capacity to accommodate 1,500 people. The main room will overlook the sea and in the light of developments which hosts , your settings will be modified accordingly.

Tennis Club

The racquet club intends to become the home of the Masters Tennis Tournament Marbella as well as the many other important elite events such as the Davis Cup .
A proposal from Emilio Sanchez Vicario, the potential for club management is considering , among others. Water facilities also house both indoors and outdoors to carry out various sports competitions .


It is a complex of 400 units with an average of 2 bedrooms per unit. The resort will be managed by one of the following international chain hotels , Mandarin Oriental , Four Seasons or Jumeirah. The outdoor setting is characterized by elements that create scenic overlooks the sea and the on- slope overlooking parkland terracecourtyard .
outdoor spaces

Common area consisting of green terraces and the main pool with water flowing over the outdoor spaces . Private green spaces formed by green roofs .

Garden structure

The grounds consist of a botanical garden and a garden with areas of activity. A backbone of the palm tree, splits and joins the two gardens at the same time . The axis of the spine is parallel to the thin stream and connected to the hotel beach club .

Throughout the gardens there is a path that crosses five areas of activity and different sculptures, which brings dynamism to this great area .

The botanical garden is intended to become one of the most important in the country. Here people can enjoy the scenery and discover different relaxation areas.


Marbella agrees to allow 50-story skyscraper

Marbella City Council approved Friday the timely amendment of the General Plan elements to enter the building type ” unique building height for residential use ” , with fourteen votes for the PP , which will allow construction to lift up to fifty plants.

The Town Planning , Pablo Moro, said in his presentation at the special plenary, that for these architectural elements are revitalizing the area , 10 percent of the floor area to be compulsorily allocated to ” economic activities” .

The mayor said that this new classification, which is characterized by having a “significant height of the building ” and have a design that meets criteria of architectural quality and energy efficiency .

As to the particular conditions of the type of high-rise buildings , has indicated that it anticipates a minimum building height in number of plants ” ground floor and 20 ” and the maximum height of crown is limited to the dimension of ” more 150 meters above sea level . ”

On locations where they can be carried out these projects , he noted having a dimension of land between 0 and 50 meters above sea level , so in locations where the natural elevation of the land is already 50 meters above sea level , the maximum height of crowning ” is limited to 100 meters.”

On the other hand , stressed that the implementation of these constructions imply the sale of public use of an area of ​​the “no less than 40 percent ” plot .

He noted that the minimum parcel will be defined between 10,500 and 32,000 square meters, and for each of the unique elements “A detailed study will be approved .”

Moro has defended the introduction of this type , which will be enabled in five fields of city planning , three “global residential use ” and in two areas of mixed global use , and said that ” do not generate distortion in the landscape ” buildable or not the uses will increase.

He noted that of the 27 miles of coastline that is Marbella in Realejo could implement two projects , the largest with 28 plants, in the area of ​​La Gitana with between 9 and 12 miles , only one project with a maximum 30 plants , in Guadaiza , with 2 or 3 miles , two projects , maximum 36 stories , and in the Green River, with about 4 kilometers.

Meanwhile , the non- attached councilor , Enrique Piñero , lamented that the modification is allowing ” Marbella is a new Benidorm ” and opens the door to ” a wave of construction ” in the few spaces left , and bring ” new urban disorders.”

As the councilor for IU, Enrique Monterroso , stressed that the brand Marbella is linked to the type of ” low rise Mediterranean village ” residential and low density developments , so this type breaks the traditional model of urban development the municipality.

The councilor for the PSOE , Isabel Perez, regretted that in modifying other aesthetic conditions for the building , the design must meet criteria to harmonize with the environment are not regulated , which has been called a “subjective “.


The investment fund Magna Invest acquires Hotel Don Miguel in Marbella

A group of equity investors purchased the Don Miguel de Marbella hotel , closed since 2004 , with the intention of carrying out a comprehensive reform of its facilities and to continue to maintain its hotel use .

As reported in separate statements the company has acquired the hotel and CCOO, the purchase of the hotel Don Miguel involves the regularization of the 81 workers pending settlement payments .

The hotel was purchased by Magna Invest Foundation, through its Spanish society Magna Hotels & Resorts , which plans to create 500 direct jobs and a large number of indirect jobs in the remodeling and refurbishment of the property , which will to have a five star luxury .

The renovation and equipment of the hotel, which is mainly responsible for Spanish companies , will take place in approximately two years.

The hotel , located on a plot of 70,000 square meters, will maintain the 550 rooms , including 32 suites , twenty-eight meeting rooms , five restaurants, four swimming pools and tennis courts and fifteen new spaces as an artificial lake created and waterfalls , “spa “, ” fitness ” and a disco club .

The Magna Invest Foundation is established in Luxembourg and its main asset is the purchase and operation of hotels worldwide .

The funds raised are used mainly to finance college, scholarships for highly qualified young people without resources , says the note from the owner .

Meanwhile , CCOO has applauded the sale of one of the largest establishments in the Costa del Sol ” after eight years of struggle and strife .”

According to the secretary of the union Hospitality CCOO in Malaga, Lola Villalba , has had to fight hard to maintain jobs and to not speculate with the hotel , since ” all indications pointed to convert it into apartments ” .

This type of hotel listing ” of those who can no longer build ” because of the green and recreational areas which have , why he became his day ” a reef too sexy for speculation ,” he referred .

The union leader recalled that the mayor of Marbella , Ángeles Muñoz ( PP), committed to the employees of the workplace in which they would not change the land use on the property , which is listed as a hotel is located .

Villalba has also asked him to intercede with the company so that employees have priority to go to work when carrying out the reform of the facilities.


Marbella council plans to build a heliport for private flights

The Ministry of the Environment has given the green light to the site in El Pinillo which could be up and running by next summer.

Tourists with high spending power who arrive at Malaga airport and would rather avoid the road journey to Marbella; wealthy Arabs who travel to Jerez to ride the pure bred horses which are brought over for the holiday months in Marbella; thrill seekers keen to see the Costa del Sol resort from the air. All these are current visitors to Marbella and thus potential customers for the heliport that the town hall is keen to build on a piece of land beside El Pinillo beach.

The construction project was created with the objective of increasing ease of travel for Marbella citizens, its visitors (by establishing connections with Malaga airport and other cities) as well as serving as a base for maritime rescue operations, fire control and air ambulance services.

Two years ago the council left all the paperwork and permissions necessary f or a scheme of this kind in the hands of developers Proconsol, specialists in the field4 With all the relevant documents forwarded, the Environment Minister has issued a statement that pronounces favorably on the project in terms of its environmental impact.

The notice recognizes that the scheme, which will occupy a space of just under 6000 square meters, will not affect any area protected by Natura 2000 (an EU wide network of nature protection areas).

Noise levels are deemed acceptable (as long as there are a maximum of seven flights a week and the  entrance and departure of helicopters is over the sea). Flora and fauna will be protected, as will an identified embryonic moving sand dune. The Culture Department of the Junta de Andalucía has no registered archaeological interest in the zone. In conclusion, the statement says that the Environment Department “has no objection to the installation of the heliport”.

 So, with a favorable response from the government, the project is starting to take shape. Now it only lacks permission from the ‘Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA or state air security authorities).

While the promoter of the scheme is Marbella town hall, there are several ways of running the site under discussion. One of these means the council being in charge of carrying out the works and authorizing the use of the heliport f or various operators. Others involve the appointment of an administrative group which would both build and run the site.

The future heliport of El Pinillo, right beside the sea, will have a takeoff and landing zone of 24.4 meters in diameter and be made of reinforced concrete. It will be made up of space to park four helicopters, four huts for staff, a cafeteria and a parking zone. The operating hours are planned to be from 7am to 7pm.

At the moment Marbella council has not given an exact date f or the heliport to go ahead and it is still putting together the terms of the tender it is obliged to release for the scheme. It needs the final permission from AESA.